Motor Vehicle Code Violations are often regarded as more of an inconvenience than a “Criminal” offense. However, by paying a traffic citation or ticket you are pleading guilty. Sometimes, this can trigger penalties that equate to a criminal conviction; including the suspension of driving privileges or possible jail time.

We aggressively defend people facing traffic citations and understand the seriousness of a conviction and how it could affect you.

Violations can be recorded on your driving record, if not properly contested. For people with multiple violations, serious consequences may result, including heavy fines; suspension/revocation of driving privileges and/or increases in, or even cancellation of, insurance coverage.

We handle all Motor Vehicle Code Violations, including:

  • Speeding Citations/Tickets
  • Speeding Citations/Tickets
  • Careless & Reckless Driving Citations
  • Driving Under Suspension Citations
  • Under Suspension/DUI Related Citations
  • Driving Without Insurance Citations
  • Red Light & Stop Sign Citations
  • Passing School Bus Citations
  • Hit-and-Run Accident Citations
  • Other Traffic Violations

Questions that will be investigated in developing your defense include:

Were there discrepancies or technical errors in the ticket? Was the radar gun working properly?

Traffic citations and driver’s license suspensions can often be challenged successfully. Many people do not realize the possible methods for contesting violations like a traffic ticket. We will thoroughly review the case and possible methods for contesting it.

As there are many, many provisions of the Motor Vehicle Code, each of which carry varying penalties upon conviction, we will develop the best possible defense for your case based on your particular facts and circumstances.

For assistance in defeating a traffic ticket or violation, contact us today, before pleading guilty. It is your right to contest the incident in court. Contact us for a free case evaluation.