Statistics reveal aggressive dogs bite more people each year. Unfortunately, these incidents are usually gruesome and most often involve children.

Dog bites lead to emotional trauma, serious injuries, and multiple deaths each year.

At Mullaney & Mullaney, we handle cases involving victims of animal attacks caused by negligent owners. We represent clients in Southeastern Pennsylvania in the following counties:

  • Berks
  • Bucks
  • Delaware
  • Montgomery
  • Chester
  • Lehigh
  • Northampton

Victims of dog attacks can suffer permanent physical and emotional scarring.

Pennsylvania imposes strict legal liability for medical bills on dog owners, including cases involving previous bad behavior of the dog and cases resulting in severe injuries. In instances of owner negligence and violation of animal control law, victims may recover full compensation.

Dog owners are always liable for their dog’s actions, regardless of whether the dog was ever vicious before or whether the owner had reason to believe the dog would attack.

What You Should Know

Almost every thirty seconds, someone in the United States seeks medical attention for a dog-bite-related injury. In the United States, an estimated 1 million people, annually, require medical treatment for injuries related to dog bites.

On a yearly basis, more than 300,000 victims require hospitalization as a result of their dog bite injuries.